Wicked Feline is a small design and illustration studio created by D'Arcy Schmidt with the sole purpose of creating "wearable art".  Each design is created with a theme in mind which in time develops into the illustration seen printed.  Clothing should be a way to express one's personality and the goal of Wicked Feline is to create a space in which one has the freedom to play within its colorful prints.  Whether you want to drift into a dreamy state and harness your inner moon child or dabble within a more rebellious nature, that's your choice.  Ultimately, Wicked Feline should be fun and a little bit spicy, we're here to help you express yourself.



Caring about the environment is HAWT and Wicked Feline wants to move forward with practicing sustainability when it comes to the creation of each product.  All products at Wicked Feline are printed locally in small batches as to create more sustainability within the fashion industry and to produce as little waste as possible.  We hope that with the current climate of the environment more clothing companies follow suit and adapt to "slow fashion" emphasizing quality over quantity.